The Thinkific 2024 Online Learning Trends Report provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of online education and the creator economy. Watch the video to learn more and read on for the highlights.

Thinkific creates a trends report each year. Here are some of the key trends and findings highlighted in this report:

  1. AI and Online Education: Contrary to fears of AI disrupting online education, the report suggests that AI is actually enhancing creator productivity. By streamlining various processes, AI is enabling creators to focus more on content creation and less on administrative tasks.
  2. Downloadables for Monetization: The emergence of downloadables as a quick path to monetization for creators is highlighted. These easily accessible digital products are becoming a popular way for creators to earn revenue.
  3. All Platforms as Learning Platforms: The trend indicates a shift towards using various platforms, not traditionally associated with education, as mediums for learning. This expands the reach and accessibility of educational content.
  4. Private Communities Against Social Media Fatigue: Private online communities are gaining popularity as spaces for learning, away from the clutter and fatigue of mainstream social media platforms. These communities offer a more focused and personalized learning experience.
  5. Diverse Creator Economy: The creator economy is no longer dominated by younger demographics. A significant increase in digital creators among older age groups, particularly those aged 41-56, is noted. This diversification enriches the online learning landscape with varied perspectives and experiences.
  6. Consumer Preferences and Behaviors: The report reveals that 92% of people dedicate at least one hour per month to digital learning, indicating a strong consumer interest in online education. Additionally, 62% of people express a preference for educational digital content over entertainment. This trend reflects a growing demand for meaningful and informative online content.
  7. Predictions from Expert Creators: Jon Youshaei, a popular creator and former employee of YouTube and Instagram, predicts a rise in shorter-form content and a return to unedited content, emphasizing authenticity in the creator economy.

These trends and findings from the Thinkific 2024 Online Learning Trends Report underscore the dynamic nature of online education and the opportunities it presents for creators and learners alike​​​​. Visit to learn about other trends in training and development.


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