University Video Description from Harvard: Most efforts at school reform run a new program through the existing system and wonder why it won’t scale. What if the system itself is the problem, and that our real options are to transform, replace, reassemble, expand, or just dissolve the existing way we do schooling? Proposals range from retooling our system to follow the international leaders, to ways to integrate school reform and social reform, to ways of moving away from schools entirely. A panel of leading thinkers and actors in the sector will share five visions of the educational future.

• Elizabeth City, Ed.M.’04, Ed.D.’07, lecturer on education; executive director, Doctor of Education Leadership Program, HGSE
• Frederick Hess, Ed.M.’90, resident scholar and director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute
• Jal Mehta, assistant professor of education, HGSE
• Paul Reville, professor of practice, HGSE
• Robert Schwartz, C.A.S.’68, Francis Keppel Professor of Practice of Educational Policy and Administration, HGSE


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