Description of Duke School of Business Video: Elliot Sanchez — Founder, mSchool (

“Making Communities into Classrooms.” What works and what doesn’t in math education? How do we fix schools? Elliot concludes that Fixing Education ≠ Fixing Schools. By using data to refocus on the most effective learning tools, he’ll give examples of how to combine academic rigor with an outwardly engaged community. The takeaway? Hard data is discouraging to collect and analyze, but this method has focused Elliot’s work and tracked his impact.

The Duke Conference on Sustainable Business and Social Impact is an annual event hosted by the Duke MBA Net Impact Club that attracts 400 attendees to The Fuqua School of Business to discuss current issues and opportunities in sustainable and socially responsible business. This video features a keynote speaker at the 2013 conference on Wednesday, February 20th, which focused on “Beyond the Bottom Line” issues and innovations in the fields of Sustainability, Finance, Social and Technology.

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