Four Stanford MBA students explain their personal way of dealing with anxiety and speaking in front of people. This is a capstone project for the Strategic Communication course at Stanford Graduate School of Business. This video serves to help others develop their own communication skills.

James Wong, MBA ’13 explains the role of being nervous when you’re speaking in front or people. He also recommends a book by Matt Abrahams with 35 proven techniques to embrace your freaking out:

Zineb Laraki, BS ’12, MS ’13 shares how you can alleviate some of your speaking anxiety with three situation-based anxiety techniques:
– Practice conversationally
– Use questions
– Use conversational language. Use “you.”

Chris Emba, MBA ’13 discusses the power of visualization to deal with speaking anxiety:
– Experience the event
– Envision the audience + response
– Don’t think about rehearsal

James Xing, MBA ’14 tells a personal story about making his presentations perfect. He shares a couple ways to deal with “anxiety driven by outcomes.”
– Accept the worst consequences
– Focus on the present


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