Four Stanford MBA students share a buffet of techniques to manage anxiety. This is a capstone project for the Strategic Communication course at Stanford Graduate School of Business. This video serves to help others develop their own communication skills.

Collin Walter (MBA ’13) shares a series of techniques to manage your mind and body for stress. He recommends diaphragmatic breathing and mindfulness to transition your body into a calm, distressed state.

Patricio Servltje (MBA ’14) explains the causes of performance anxiety and how we can reframe presentations as conversations.
– Do an outline
– Practice each chunk of the outline. Practice conversationally
– Interact with your audience. Use people’s name or the word “you.”

Olivia Jackson (LLM LAW ’13) suggests quick fixes to recognize anxiety.
– Find a supportive audience member and shake their hand
– Engage with flow activities

Philipp Wieland (MBA ’13) says you can use this feeling of power to be more confident before a presentation. He recommends doing a high-power pose to increase testosterone levels.

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